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Count on Skyway to give you fast reliable solutions to your computer problems! Whether you want to upgrade your hard drive, boost your computer with more RAM, or you need a total overhaul or rebuild, we can help!

Come by our office and speak with our knowledgeable technicians. Check out our inventory of desktops, laptops, audio and video peripherals. We have hundreds of components that can make your system run to it's max! Whatever you need we are sure to have it!

Just bring it to Skyway..

We have technicians available every day, so we're able to handle most issues very fast. Of course depending on your problem and what is takes to get your system issue professionally resolved, we have a turn around time of about 2 working days!

Security Tips

  • You should clear your browser "History" at least once a week. It's even better to disable browsing history all together!
  • Make sure to always allow your Anit-Virus and Malware programs to update when updates are available
  • On a Windows operating system, you should alway enable "Automatic Updates" in order to keep up with the latest updates provided by Microsoft. You should at least install updates when you are prompted by your computer