Guidelines and Requirements for Web Services

The guidelines and requirements listed on this page pertain to new customers before agreeing to a Web Services package with Skyway Computer.
  1. Customer will be responsible for any and all content that is used on their site during creation and after finalization of the site. If the customer needs assistance or complete creation of content for their site they will be responsible for charges that will incur.
  2. Customer will be responsible for any and all graphic creation and content after the initialization period of their site in agreement with Skyway Computer.
  3. Customer will not be permitted to post or display any content of extreme violent or pornographic nature. If Skyway Computer's receives a complaint from any level of government or legal authority about the content of the customer's site, the customer will be warned. If the appropriate action is not taken in the aforementioned time agreed upon between the parties involved, the customer will lose any and all content from their account without a refund or appropriations; here to will be responsible for all financial charges incurred to Skyway Computer LLC.