Service and Repair

Skyway Computers is always available to help you with your Windows PC or MacIntosh system when you are having problems. Working with the individual as well as business accounts, has given us thousands of hours of maintenance experience on many types of computers as well as operating systems. Below are just some of the services we offer.

Repairing and Servicing your Computer System

At Skyway, our main business is service and repair of Windows and MacIntosh systems. We can provide professional Windows upgrades from XP to Vista, or even with the latest versions of Windows 7. We can also help with hardware and software installations on MacIntosh systems.

Our technicians have an extensive knowledge of some of the most common problems related to hardware issues with the major manufacturers:

- HP, - Dell, - Sony, - Toshiba, and even - Macs

Let Skyway Repair and Service your System:

Hardware installation includes:
  • Hard Drives
  • RAM Memory
  • Audio / Visual Cards and Peripherals
  • Motherboards and CPU's
  • Power Supplies
  • Even New Computer Cases!
Software installation includes:
  • Office Applications
  • Pro Anti-Virus Installation and Setup
  • Recording Software (Audio / Video)
  • Device Drivers
  • Operating System Installation and Upgrades
  • The List Goes On!!

Virus, Trojan, and Malware Removal

Everyday millions upon millions of people all over the world use the internet as a source for information. Due to this fact, there are thousands of people who use the internet as a means to gain critical information about you, whether it be just your recently viewed websites or personal data that is stored on your computer. It should also come no surprise that their is always someone creating new software that has the ability to get around even the most sophisticated computer protection programs. This is why the technicians at Skyway are continually keeping up with the ever changing lingo of computer protection.

One of the more familiar terms associated with system protection, is "Computer Virus". It's heard so often today, that it's become synonymous with the word "computer", but the majority of internet users don't fully understand what it means.

Computer Virus
A computer virus is a bit of computer code that is transferred from one computer to another by replicating itself over a computer network (i.e. the internet), or other removable computer media. It is used as a catch all phrase to define other malicious software that do not have the ability to replicate.

So, if you visit a site that is hosted on an infected computer, the chances of that bit of code infecting your computer ARE VERY LIKELY! Even the most sophisticated and expensive software packages can't detect everything!

Skyway gives you the upper hand when it comes to detection and PROTECTION! We have an extensive knowledge of what's out there, how to get rid of it, and help you understand how to protect yourself. This is something we do everyday! We can professionally remove even the most complicated infection and get your system fully functioning!

Networking (Home and Small Office)

Protecting your computers as well as your data over a network, is an integral part of sustaining a functioning network environment. Wireless home networks can be very vulnerable to outside intrusions from hackers if your systems are not properly configured. Even hardwired business networks can succumb to glitches from one computer improperly shutdown or to a massive server crash.

Skyway Computers can provide computer networking for our home and small office clients at an affordable rate. We have the experience it takes to provide safe and secure wired or wireless networking. We can configure routers to work with switches, properly network multiple computers for secure home file sharing, or even configure business computers to work with a multitude of different server operating systems.

Data Recovery and Backup

Losing important data from your hard drive or removable device can be disastrous to a business or even the average home user. Recovering that data can also take hours of tedious work. That's why backing up your important files on a regular basis is necessary for any data that costs you time and money.

Skyway Computers can recover lost data in a timely manner. Of course, all cases are different for different systems, for different recovery reasons (hard drive failure, accidental deletion), and processes it may take to recover that data.

Skyway can also offer professional backups to home users and small businesses. We can host your back up or provide you with hardware that will make your backups secure and sufficient.

With over 20 years in the computer service and repair industry and our outstanding record with the BBB, you can trust Skyway to give you quality customer care, competent technical service, and affordable pricing on all your computer needs.