Skyway's History

Skyway Computers was founded in the fall of 1997 from the home of it's owner, Mr. John Brewer. As sales shifted from retail sales to mail order and phone sales, we were forced to move to a larger location. In 2001, we opened our doors in a new facility at the corner of Stage Rd. and Austin Peay Hwy in the Raleigh Center.

Over the next few years the business grew. We were able to bring in new technicians, more parts, and a broader range of services we could offer to our customers. We were able to become much more familiar with the changes in technology and advanced business to include service and repair.

Skyway now provides not only service to the individual for home based computing but also services to businesses with networking and computer maintenance. We provide on-call computer service and repair to many companies around Memphis and the Mid-South.

Extending our Business through Quality Customer Service

Since opening our doors, Skyway's main focus has been quality customer service and satisfaction. We take pride in making sure our services, whether to the business or the individual, are done with the utmost respect and in a timely manner.

Our staff is comprised of professionally trained technicians with years of experience in working on a multitude of computer systems. We keep up to date on the emerging technologies on PC and MacIntosh systems. This has been the backbone of providing our customers with customer service that keeps them coming back time and time again!